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  Contact : 1800-200-3111; 06546-223060

Ambulance Network


Our Approach

The launch of an Ambulance network in April 2016 was a big achievement for Johar HMO. The rural areas of Jharkhand have been deprived of quick emergency care in situations like road accidents, maternal emergencies, chronic emergencies, etc. With the free-of-cost ambulance service, Johar HMO aims to cater to the rural people in such situations. Our ambulance network comprises of 2 advanced full-life support ambulances and 4 mini ambulances.

Well experienced and highly qualified paramedical workforce employed to take care of any medical emergency.  They provide first aid to the patient and ambulatory care to the patients and transport them to an appropriate facility. As per the needs of the region, one ambulance is dedicated to serve the pregnant ladies.

This is a free-of-cost service is available 24X7 and just a call away on our toll free number 1800-200-3111

Doctor on Call for medical emergencies

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